Vinegar Mango pickle

Aam ka acchar made with Vinegar, adding vinegar in aam ka achar enhances the overall test, learn easily how to make Vinegar Mango pickle in your home.

2 kg green mango
250 Gms salt
50gms turmeric powder
100 Gms red chili powder
50 Gms methi seeds (fenugreek seeds)
50 Gms yellow mustard seeds
1/2 liter sesame oil
100 Gms vinegar

Wash mango, remove water using a towel, cut into small pieces of about 1 inched, remove seeds, add 50 Gms of salt and turmeric powder, put it on a tray, mix well with clean hands, put it in sun light for one day.
Next day,
Take mango pieces in a bowl, add remaining salt, chili powder, fenugreek seed, yellow mustard seeds and 250 cc of oil, mix well by palms, put it in a glass jar, and add remaining oil and vinegar.

Cover jar’s mouth by a cloth; place it for 4-5days in sun light, Mango pickle is ready.

To preserve it more than a year put it in sun light for 20 days.


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