Vegetable Payasam Recipe


Jaggery   400g
Water  ½ cup
Grated beet root    150g
Grated carrot   150g
Brinjal de-skinned 150g
Tomato  150g (blanched, de-skinned)
Snake gourd   50g
Pumpkin  50g
Elephant yam 150g
White pumpkin (Thadiyanka)  50g
Beans  50g
Milk   ½ cup
Coconut 1st milk  1 cup
Coconut 2nd milk 3 cup
Ghee  100g
Cashew nuts   15 nos


  • Boil jiggery in water till it dissolves and strain and keep aside.
  • Cook ingredients no.2 in milk.
  • Make a paste of cooked vegetables and tomato.
  • Sauté this paste in ghee and jaggery.
  • Add the 2nd milk and cook till payasam consistency.
  • Add the first milk and switch off fire.
  • Roast cashew nuts in 2tsp ghee.

Sprinkle crushed cashew nuts on payasam before serving.

Note: If needed about 20 g of sago can be boiled and cooked and can layer the payasam and sago alternately for a better presentation

Vegetable Payasam Recipe contributed by Rakhi alex


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