Serves 4

Cooking time:  45 mins.


150 gms. maida

100 gms. chana flour (besan)

100 gms. green coriander leaves

5 gms. ajwain

10 gms. green chilli paste

5 gms. garlic paste

5 gms. red chilli powder

2 gms. garam masala powder

5 gms. coriander powder

20 gms. sugar

2 gms. lemon salt

A pinch of soda

To make the vegetable mixture:

100 gms. carrots, finely shredded

100 gms. cabbage, cut into long pieces

50 gms. French beans, green into small pieces

25 gms. fresh coconut, shredded finely

50 gms. fresh coriander leaves, cut finely

Salt to taste

20 gms. oil

For the seasoning:

5 gms. curry leaves

5 gms. mustard seeds

10 gms. white sesame seeds

50 gms. fresh coconut, finely shredded

A pinch of asafoetida

20 gms. oil


1. Mix all the main ingredients nicely and make small dumplings and keep aside.

2. Now boil these dumplings in water for 15 mins. and keep them aside.

3. Now add oil in a non-stick pan and add all the seasoning ingredients, then add all the vegetables and stir fry.  Add the freshly grated coconut and fresh coriander leaves and close the lid and cook for 10 mins.  Now add the steamed dumplings.  Remove from fire and serve with green phudina or imli chutney.

Recipe by Rehana khambaty


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