Trifle Pudding – Eggless Dessert Recipe

1 cup milk
1 & 1/2 tbsp. custard powder
2 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. pineapple essence in colour
3 pieces of vanilla sponge
tinned pineapple chopped
strawberry crush
orange veggies
strawberry jelly
whipped cream
– Pour some part of the milk in a round bottomed pan. Add custard powder.
– Add sugar and mix well. Break lumps. Add remaining milk.
– Turn on the flame.
– Once the custard thickens, turn off the flame.
– Add pineapple colour in essence. Let it cool down.
– Chop all the fruits.
– In a bowl, start layering, first with custard.
– Make next layer of the vanilla sponge cake.
– Layer custard over the second layer.
– Make next 2 layers of strawberry crush and chopped fruits.
– Pipe the cream over the pudding.
– Top the layer with strawberry jelly.
– Drizzle strawberry crush over the whipped cream.
– Let the pudding set in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes and serve chilled.


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