Til ke laddu (sesame sweets)

Til ke laddu (sesame sweets)Ingredients

3 cups til (white sesame seeds)

2 cups grated jaggery

1 tbsp ghee

½ cup water


On medium flame roast dry the sesame seeds until becomes golden brown, stir continuously, it may take 5-7 minutes, use thick bottomed pan. Remove it from heat, set aside.

heat water in a thick bottomed pan, add grated jaggery, stir continuously, a fluffy uniform mixture boils, cook till the added water evaporates, color changes to dark brown, do not stop boiling, as it starts to burn and smoke appears, remove heat, add roasted sesame seeds, stir well so that we get a uniform dough. Set aside to cool it.

Grease your palms. Watch as it becomes possible to touch the dough take small balls of the dough, put the ball (a piece of dough) on a greased wooden board and roll the dough to get the shape of a ball.

Cool them naturally. Laddu is ready.
Til ke laddu


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