Tawa Grill Platter Recipe

mixed-grill Ingredients:

200 gm Malai Paneer Cubed
200 gm Button Mushroom stalked removed
1 American Sweet corn on cob (Cooked and cut in small pieces)
Couple of Baby corn
Other vegetables of your choice (optional)


Marinate cubed paneer in crushed garlic ginger, ajwain (caraway seeds), black salt, salt chilli, pepper and 1table spoon lemon juice for 10 minutes. Add 1 table spoon of baisan (Chick pea flour) so that masala stick to the paneer.

Now keep Tawa (Hot Plate)on high gas or induction. Rub with half cut onion. (It will make tawa non stick.)
Now drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on Tawa arrange vegitables on hot tawa . cook for couple of minutes. Drizzle some more olive oil. Turn and Cook from both sides. arrange in a platter sprinkle some salt pepper or chat masala (optional)
Serve hot with Cole slaw, mint chutney or with honey, mayo and mustard sauce.

You can grill zucchini, tomatoes, sliced egg plant, bell peppers, Tofu, onion rings etc Choices are unlimited.


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