Sweet Gujiya Recipe

Sweet Gujiya Recipe is specially made at Holi and different festive season, learn easily how to make delicious Sweet Gujiya in your home.


200 Gms milk powder

100 Gms pure ghee

250 Gms refined oil

100 Gms sugar

250 Gms refined oil

500 Gms Maida (refined wheat flour)

50 Gms cashew nuts (kaju)

50 Gms raisins (kismis)

½ tsp cardamom powder

50 chironji (crushed)

Water as required


Gujiya Recipe cashew nuts
Heat pure ghee in a heavy bottomed frying pan on medium flame, add cashew nuts, fry until light brown it takes approximately 1 minute, remove fried cashew nuts, set aside, now add raisins, fry it till it swallow up like grapes, as it swallows take it out, set aside.

Gujiya milk powder Add half of the milk powder mix it well, stir continually, cook on medium heat, add remaining powder slowly, add 2 tbsp of water, mix thoroughly, cook  until it starts leaving sides of the frying pan, lower the flame, it takes the form of a soft dough, cook till it becomes light brown. Off the flame.  Put it in a bowl, cool it, add crushed cashew, raisins, chironji, cardamom powder and sugar, mix thoroughly for five minutes to get a uniform mixture.

Gujiya roti prep

Take  flour in a bowl, add approximately 100 gm refined oils  mix it well. Make soft dough using little water. Knead the dough to make it soft. Divide the dough in 25-30 equal parts approximately, roll each part of the dough into balls with the help of palms.

Gujiya final prep

Roll each ball to a circular shape of 3 inches diameter, put 1 tbsp of filling mixture in the center and fold one side into a semicircle ,  seal completely the edges by pressing the edges together with your fingers , fill the rest gujiya.

Heat refined oil in a frying pan over medium flame, add few gujiya to it, cook till  the two sides becomes brown, lift it out, set aside.

Gujiya recipe

Gujiya is ready.


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