Sweet and Sour Mango Pickle Recipe

Its mango time, now learn quickly how to makeĀ  Sweet and Sour Mango Pickle Recipe, the recipe is simple, requires very less Ingredients .


1 kg green mango

1kg sugar

1 tbsp salt

100 gm kali mirich (black peeper)

100 gm Bari ilaichi (black cardamom)


Wash mango, remove water using a towel, remove skin and seeds, chop the white portion, put it on a tray.

Remove skin of bari ilaichi, powder it together with kali mirich, put it on chopped mango and add sugar and salt too. Mix it. Put it in a glass jar; cover its mouth by a cloth. Place it in sun light for 15 days.

Sweet mango pickle is ready. It may be used for 1 year.

Please keep your hands dry while taking out the pickle from the jar.


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