Salty Chura Recipe

Salty Chura namkin nastaSalty Chura Recipe is a good namkin nasta for your family.

100- Roasted chura (chivda)
½ – tsp mustard seeds
10 – curry leaves
10 – Cloves garlic (finely chopped)
2 – Green chili (finely chopped)
½ – inch ginger (finely chopped)
½ – tsp coriander powder
¼ – tsp turmeric powder
½ – tsp salt
1 – Tbsp mustard oil


Order and timing of process must be maintained.
Heat oil in a frying pan on medium flame, add mustard seeds as cracking sound starts add curry leaves after 10 seconds add garlic, chili and ginger, stir, 30 second after add coriander and turmeric powder, stir, after 5 seconds add roasted chura and salt, stir well, so that color becomes uniform light yellow, cook for 30 seconds, off the flame.
A salty delicious namkeen is ready.

Salty chura


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