Rich Mom Poor Mom Salad

Rich Mom Poor Mom Salad

Ingredients :
Millet flour : 1 cup (Bajra aata)
Water : ¼ to ½ cup
Green garlic (with stems) : 10 : chopped into small pieces.
Cherry tomatoes : 6
Feta Cheese (crumbled) : 1 cup (instead crumbled home made cottage cheese / paneer will also do)
Finely chopped cilantro : 1 cup (coriander / dhanya)
Coarsely chopped spinach : ½ cup
Oregano : 1 tbs
Salt : to taste
Lemon juice : ½ table spoon
Oilve oil : ½ cup (for a more indian palate, ghee will also do)

Method :
1. Mix the Millet flour and water to make dough. Make sure it is firm and not loose or sticky. Divide the dough into two parts. Take one part and roast it on a flat plan. Roast until the edges become brown. Now flip over and roast on the other side. Once done, take it off the pan and let it cool. Repeat the same with second part of dough.
2. Once both the above millet breads have cooled to room temperature, grind it. Grind it only until coarse. The granules should be about 3 to 5mm.
3. Now in a shallow pan, heat the olive oil. Then put all the garlic in. Once the garlic gives out a strong aroma, put in all the ground Millet bread. Stir and mix well until the mixture is almost dry and warm.
4. Now mix in the cilantro, spinch, lemon juice, oregano , feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and salt. Toss.
5. Serve with veg clear soup

Note : the garlic gives it a strong flavor. It is very healthy to be eaten in winters since the Millet , garlic and olive oil combined increases the body heat and helps fight various cold related illnesses.

It is named rich mom poor mom… since millet is commonly a poor mom’s ingredient and feta cheese a rich mom’s .


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