Paneer Stuffed Potato Recepie


Here Iam going to share the Paneer Stuffed Potato Recepie with you

Ingredients :

boiled potato 1/2 kg

. paneer  100 g

. onion 5 pieces

. tomato 1 piece (big in size)

. one tea spoon jira (

. one tea spoon ginger /garlic paste

. one tea spoon turmeric powder (Haldi)

. one tea spoon red chilli powder

. kasuri methi 1 and 1/2 (tea spoon)

. one tea spoon garam masala

. ghee for frying

. salt

. one cup cream

. one cup water


Making :

boiled potato

Cut out the center portion of the boil potato and deep frying by using pure ghee .Now mash up the paneer andd the left our portion of the potato ,and add some salt (according to your taste ) and one tea spoon red chilli powder , and add them inside the centre portion of the potato.

Now take out the frying pan and heat up or add some ghee , jira and the onion ,tomato mixture and frying them till the onion become light brown in colour ,add ginger and garlic paste in the frying pan and finally add termeric powder ,red chilli powder and garam masala and let the receipe to cooked for a oil in light hit and after that add some water . you have add some cream and mix it well and at the end you have to add potatoes and let the receipe on the heat for five minutes.







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