Paneer palak and Brinjal

Preparation Time : 26 min.
Cooking Time : 24 min.
Serves / Makes : 3

Palak leaves 200gm
paneer 1/2 cup
basen 2cup
turmarind pulp 1/2cup
jeggary as req.
salt,garam masala
-as req
ginger garlic paste
chilly 2
Brinjals 4
tomatopulp 1 cup
chopped onion-1 cup
garam masala as req
fresh cream 2 tbsp.

Wash palak & keep aside.
Grate paneer fine.
Take basen in bowl then add turmarind pulp, jeggary, salt, garam masala, cilly and giger garlic paste & grated paneer, try to make it thick paste.
Apply on palak leaves & roll the leaves [like in pattra] then pressure cook it.
Heat oil in a pan add onion. When it turns pink add tomato pulp[puree]
Then add salt & garam masala to it.
After few min. add boiled brinjals & paneer pattra to it.
Cook for a min.Garnish with fresh cream.
Serve hot.


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