Paneer chilly Recipe

Paneer chilly Recipe by ankit kevlani

1 500 gms paneer
2 maid as per need
3 2 sp ginger garlic & chilly paste
3 1sp chilly sauce
4 1 teasp soya sauce
5 R-O colour
6 1sp sugar
7 1 cup water
8 1/2 sp vinegar
9 1/2 sp black pepper
10 salt to taste.
11 Capsicum and onion 1cup
12 coriander
13 oil

Method- dry paneer
Cut paneer in small sqare pieces and keep it in a bowl. Now add 1 sp ginger garlic chilly paste, salt, r-o colour, chilly sauce in it and mix it. Now add maida and water in such a way that it covers paneer. Then mix it and deep fry it.

Method- gravy
Take 2sp oil in a pan and heat it.Now add onion and stir it and capsicum and GGC paste to it and shallow fry it. Then add salt sugar chilly sauce and water to it and mix it. When the mixture get boiled add soya sauce, vinegar and pepper to it and heat it. Then add fried paneer and cook it for 2 minutes, Then decorate it with coriander.

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