Palak Paneer Kesaria

Palak Paneer Kesaria

Recipe 2:Palak Paneer Kesaria


Paneer-250 gms

Spinach- 2 bunch (medium size)

Kabuli chana-100 gms

Ginger juliennes-1 tsp

Green chilli (chopped)-1 tsp

Lemon-1 nos

Garam masala powder-1tbsp

Raisins & Cashewnuts(chopped)-1/2 cup

Saffron- few strands soaked in milk

Oil for frying

Salt to taste


Clean the spinach thoroughly & blanch in water .When cool, grind to a paste without adding water. Soak the kabuli chana overnight. Boil it till done and grind to a paste. Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Sauté spinach and chana paste .Add salt to taste, garam masala fry till the mixture is dry and can form balls.

For the filling, grate the paneer.Add lemon juice, saffron strands soaked in milk, raisins, cashewnuts, ginger ,green chilli & salt. Mix it & keep it & keep it aside.

Divide the spinach-chana paste into small balls pan and put a portion of the paneer filling into it. Roll it to cover from all sides. Flatten it slightly. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the tikki on medium heat till done.

Recipe Contributed by Surama Sarangi


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