Palak Kofta

Preparation Time : 45 min.
Cooking Time : 45min.
Serves / Makes : 4 persons

For Kofta
4 medium potatoes,
150 gms greated paneer,
sugar and lemon juice as per taste.
aralot,oil to fry
For greavy,
1 bunch palakh,salt,
2 midium tomatoes,
1 teaspoon cumin,coriander and mint leaves as per taste,half teaspoon haldi,1 pinch soda bi carb,1 tabel spoon green chilly paste,half teaspoon ginger paste,
1 tabelspoon butter,
2 tabelspoon grated cheese

Boil potatoes than Peel and mash it. Add salt according to test  in mashed potato and mix, make 8 part of it and keep aside. Mix greated paneer,salt,suger and lime juice very well.
Take one part of smased potato and make a flat puri of it.
Fill it with paneer mixture,one cashew nut and one kishmish.
Now close that puri and give an oval shape of kofta.
Add and Heat oil in frying pan than roll kofta in aralot and fry in hot oil. Desired color – light brown remove from oil. Done same with other left koftas .
Heat 4 cup water on gas and when water starts boiling add a pinch of soda bi carb and salt in it.
Then add palakh in it.
keep palakh on slow flame for 5 mins.
When palakh becomes soft turn off the gas and rinse it in another vessel.
In that hot water dip 2 tomato till skin beome soft.
Remove peel of tomato.
Now mix palakh,tomato,cumin seeds,coriender,few leaves of mint(optioal),green chilly and ginger and churn in mixi very well.
Make a smooth paste of it.
Heat butter in one pan add pinch of hing and pour palakh paste in it, add haldi in it and Bring it to boil.
Turn off the gas and  grease baking dish. Put all kofta in dish and pour palakh greavy on it.
Sprinkle greated cheese on it.
Re heat the ovan and bake it for 2 or 5 mins.
Serve Hot.


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