Orange flavoured sheera / sooji halwa (semolina pudding)

sooji halwa

Orange flavoured sheera / sooji halwa (semolina pudding) by Tanzif Hussain

I cannot resist eating desserts especially during festive season and so today’s Holi special dessert is my all time favourite Sheera with an Orangy twist.Everybody loves eating a hearty bowl of sheera,its one of the basic Indian desserts made in every home.I love making flavoured sheera as I can get as innovative as I can with the flavors.

Do try this easy,fool proof recipe this festive season.


1 cup semolina/rava

2 cloves

2 green cardamom

2 small cinnamom

½ cup of mixed chopped nuts(almonds,cashews,pistachios,golden raisins)

A pinch of yellow food color

3/4th cup sugar

1 cup water

1 cup fresh orange juice

5 tsp ghee


In a saucepan,boil the water and orange juice together(if you do not want to add orange juice then replace it with the same amount of water)

In a pan,heat 2 tsp ghee then add the semolina.Keep stirring till the semolina turns light brown and is fragrant.

Transfer to a bowl and keep aside.

In the same pan,heat 3 tsp ghee.

Add the spices i.e cloves,cardamoms and cinnamom sticks. Stir till fragrant.

Then add the chopped nuts.Saute for a minute or till the nuts turn light golden brown.

Add the previously roasted semolina and stir everything well.

Then add the yellow food color and sugar.

Mix everything.

Quickly add the hot orange water to the semolina.

Keep stirring it so that there are no lumps.

When very little water is left in the pan, keep it on sim(dum) and cook for another 5 mins.

The orangy sheera is ready!!

Thanks to Tanzif Hussain for Contributing Orange flavoured sheera / sooji halwa (semolina pudding) Recipe & Images to


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