Muri Ke Laddu Recipe – Puffed Rice Laddu Recipe

Muri ke laddu / Puffed Rice Laddu is a special Indian Laddu made with puffed rice and gur only, read step by step guide and enjoy the image gallery, (below the recipe)

Ingredients required

100 Gms Muri (puffed rice)

2000  Gms  Jaggery (Gur)

1 tbsp water


Heat water in a heavy bottomed frying pan, add jaggery, cook it on high flame until smoke comes from the pan, stir continuously, low the flame,   stir well, add muri mix well, switch off the flame,  spread the mixture on a big plate. Lightly wet palm taking icey cold water, taking small part of mixture roll it to get a ball, before taking the hot mixture always wet your palm.

A delicious sweet laddu is ready.

Store it in air tight container. It can be used for one week.

muri ke laddu

muri ke laddu - puffed rice ke laddu

muri ke laddu

muri ke laddu

Muri ke laddu - Mix puffed rice with gur

muri ke laddu - put all the boiled gur in puffed rice

make laddu with your hands

Muri ke laddu is now ready


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