Mango Desserts Recipe

Its Mango time, Now take a look at the dessert recipe made with mango, the main Ingredients of this recipe is Milk, Sugar, Mango and cream(Malai).


250 Gms milk powder

5 tbsp sugar (heaped)

500 Gms mango pulp

2 tbsp almonds (powdered)

1/2tsp cardamoms (powdered)

100 Gms cream (Malai)

20 -25 saffron strands


First prepare 1 cup of milk, boil it, add saffron, remove heat, set aside, and cover it.

Using minimum quantity(250-300 c.c.) of hot water prepare thick milk solution, add sugar, almonds and cardamoms, cook it for 7-8 minutes on low heat with continuous stirring. Cool it.

Grind mango pulp to remove lumps.

Take a large mixing bowl, put the above three things and cream in the bowl, mix well.

Put the mixture in 7-8 dishes and chill for 3 hours.

A sweet dish is ready for summer.


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