Makhane Ki Patti

makhane ki pattiIngredients required

100 gm puffed lotus seeds

2 tbsp ghee (unsalted butter)

150 Gms sugar

¼ tsp cardamom powder


Heat ghee on medium flame in a frying pan, add makhana, cook about 5 minutes, color turns to light brown, stir continually when frying. Off the flame, chopped it not finely, set aside.

Heat water in a heavy bottomed frying pan, add sugar, cardamom cook it on high flame for five minutes, stir continuously, low the flame,  add baking soda, stir well, add chopped makhana , cook it for 2 minutes, mix well, switch off the flame,  spread uniformly  the hot thick and sticky mixture on greased tray. Cut it in diamond shape; collect it in an air tight jar.

A nutritious sweet is ready.


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