Maida Barfi


250 gms – maida

200 gms – ghee

300 gms – sugar

50-75 ml – water


Grease a tray with 1 tsp ghee.

Use simultaneously two burners.Take two deep,thick frying pans.

Roast maida in ghee in medium flame for 4-5 minutes,turn off the flame,at the same time heat water with sugar,stir,allow it to boil.Syrup becomes thick and foamy.Turn off heat.

Now add slowly fried maida to this syrup,mix vigorously,we get a uniform batter.

Pour this batter in the greased the greased tray,let it cool,when warm cut in to desired shape using greased knife,after cooling collect it.

May use desired color,essence.Barfi is ready.


two × one =