Khasta gulgula recipe

Khasta gulgula recipeLearn easily how to make a very special and Khasta gulgula at your home, the process is simple but follow it carefully to make Khasta gulgula .

500 Gms wheat flour (atta)
200 Gms sugar
100+250 Gms ghee (refined oil)
10 elaichi (cardamom) powdered

Take 100 Gms ghee, flour, sugar and elaichi in a bowl, mix to get uniform mixture, knead it to get tough dough using a little quantity of water. Taking few drops of ghee in palm prepare 30-35 spherical balls.
Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan on medium flame; add 5-7 balls, fry until it is golden brown, take it out. Fry all the balls.
Dried Gulgula is ready.

Khasta gulgula recipe


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