Kathal ka achar – Jackfruit pickle

Make Jackfruit pickle or Kathal ka achar at your home and keep it for 2 months, see what are the main Ingredients Required and the process or method.

Ingredients Required Kathal ka achar or Jackfruit pickle
Kathal (Jackfruit) 1Kg
Salt 5tsp
1 tbsp Turmeric powder
3tsp Kala jeera (black cumin or shahi jeera)
2 tsp chilli powder
5 tsp Yellow mustard seed ( rai / sarson)
2 tsp Methi (seed)
2 tsp black pepper (powder)

250gm mustard oil


Buy fresh Kathal (Jackfruit), remove the upper green layer, while removing the upper green layer and inner hard part, use a bit mustered oil in your hand so the milk of the green part will not stick to your hand, after removing the green part and inner hard part cut it into small pieces.

Take all the pieces and boil by adding plenty of water for 30 minutes in medium flame, Now remove the all water, boiled kathal or jackfruit pieces shown below, put it in sun light for 2 hrs.

Now take all ingredients, sliced kathal or jackfruit pieces in glass pot and Mix all the ingredients properly.

Put all the mixture air tight glass jar and keep aside for 7 days under sunlight and for a 2 week in winters. You can keep this pickle refrigerated and consume it for 2 months.


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