Instant Mango Pickle

Here we are discussing the method to make instant mango pickles and you won’t believe me but it’s preparation time is just 15 minutes.

Duration : 15 min ;  Serve: 2 0r 4 people ; spice level : medium.


. raw mango (kacha aam )1 medium size

. turmeric powder (haldi ) 1tsp

. red chilli powder (1tsp)

. fenugreek seeds powder (1tsp) methi

. asafaetida ( hing) a pinch

. dry red chilli 2

. mustard seeds (1/2tsp)

. vinegar (1tbsp )

. seasame oil (til ka tel )1 tbsp

. water (1/4 cup)

. salt to taste


. cut the cleaned mango into tinycubes. marinate the cubes with salt and the

turmeric powder ( haldi) at least for 60 minutes.

. then add the red chilli powder, methi powder and hing to the marinated mango cubes .

give it a good stir to mix all the ingredients well .

. heat some oil in a pan turn off the stove when its piping hot , and toss in the sarson , lal mirch and kadi patta.

. fry it for a minute or so. don’t let them be burned. add this tadka to the mango cubes .

. Stir it well for 2 minutes or so . Make sure the lal mirch powder dosen’t taste raw.

. In the same pan , boil quarter cup of water along with vinagar and add it to the mango mixture

stir well. you can serve it immediately .

. Once it is cools completely, store bottle and refrigerate.






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