Hide n Seek Soya Surprise Recipe

Hide n Seek Soya Surprise Recipe

Testy Hide n Seek Soya Surprise Recipe for your family

For Soya Balls :
Soya Granules ½ cup,
Paneer 100 gms,
Carrot grated ¼ cup,
Fresh Coriander Leaves chopped ½ cup, Corn Flour 1 + 1 tbsp,
Salt to Taste, Chaat Masala 1 tsp,
Lemon Juice 1 tsp. Gren Chili chopped 1 tbsp,
Oil for frying.

For Spinach Roti :
Blanched and Meshed Spinach ½ cup,
Wheat Flour 1 Cup, Oil 1 tbsp,
Sesame seeds 1 tsp,
Curd 2-3 tbsp Salt to taste.
Tomato Ketchup,
Cheese Slices 2 Nos.
Some Butter.

For Soya Balls: Mix all the Ingredients in a bowl n form 4-5 small ball shape and roll in corn flour. Fry on medium heat. For Spinach Puri : Knead a dough by adding Spinach, oil and Sesame seeds with curd as required. Divide into 5-6 balls. Roll each into a puri size and roast it on tawa. Apply Butter on it. Now cut the cheese slice diagonally and put on Spinach puri with Soya Ball. At one side apply some Ketchup and put some chopped Coriander leaves.

Hide n Seek Soya Surprise Recipe Contributed by Rachna Rathod


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