Gulgules or sweet fried pumpkin dumplings

Gulgules or sweet fried pumpkin dumplings by Tanzif Hussain

Since the climate in Pune got a little cloudy yesterday and I was secretly hoping that it would rain.I decided to make the perfect accompaniment to match with my evening cup of tea and the rainy climate.Gulgules – yes!! I know it’s a funny name, I laughed my heart out when I had heared my granny say that word.But these little sweet dumplings always win my heart over.

Apart from the deep frying, I think this is a fairly healthy dish as it contains whole wheat flour and jaggery.

Do try these little wonderful balls for teatime.If you do not like pumpkin then you can substitute it with mashed bananas.

Tastes even yummier!!

INGREDIENTS: (makes golf sized 30 balls)

250 grams grated pumpkin

1 cup whole wheat flour / atta

200 gram grated jaggery

100 grams poppy seeds / khus khus

½ cup grated dry coconut

½ tsp baking soda

2 tsp fennel / saunf powder

1 tsp green cardamom powder

½ tsp salt

Water as required

Oil for deep frying


In a bowl, place grated jaggery and pour warm water over it enough to cover the jaggery.

Keep aside for 5 mins.

Once it has softened,Stir well to dissolve the jaggery in water.

In another bowl,add the pumpkin,whole wheat flour, baking soda, dry coconut and the jaggery water (make sure the jagger water is not hot).

Mix everything well till batter is smooth, add more water(room temperature) if needed.

The batter will be thick.

Then add the poppy seeds, salt, fennel powder and green cardamom powder to the batter.

Stir the batter well.

Keep aside for 5 mins.

Meanwhile, heat oil for frying in a kadhai.

Dip your hand in water and take a little of the batter and slowly drop it in the hot oil from the side of the kadhai.

If your not able to do this,then take 2 tablespoons and dip them in water,take a spoonful of the batter and slowly drop it in the hot oil.

Fry the dumplings till browned on all sides and cooked thoroughly in the middle.

Remove on tissue paper to absorb excess of oil.

Serve hot with tea.


1. Remember to make all the gulgules of the same size otherwise some may still be raw or overcooked due to its different cooking times.

2. If the batter becomes thin then you can mix in more flour till the batter is of the right consistency.

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