Gond Barfi

Ingridents required
100 Gms Gond (edible gum)
100 Gms almonds (finely chopped)
100 Gms cashew nuts (finely chopped)
250 Gms ghee
500 Gms khova
200 Gms sugar

Break gum resin coarsely, it should be granular.

Heat ghee in a kadhai(heavy bottomed frying pan) on medium flame, take about 10 Gms of gond, add it to kadhai, it fluffs up to almost double or triple, take it out of the ghee as soon as it fluffs, continue so on to fry all the gond.Set aside the fried Gond. In remaining hot ghee add almonds and cashew nuts fry it for one minute, take it out. Off the flame.
Put fried almonds,cashew nuts,sugar and gond in blender, blend it to get a fine powder.
Again put all the ingredients in the kadhai with remaining ghee and mix well to get a uniform mixture. cook it over low heat for 15-20 minutes,stir continuously,color changes to light brown.Off the flame,pour the paste into a greased plate,level it with a greased knife,cool it.Cut it into desired shape.
A nutritious sweet is ready


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