Gazar ka halwa Recipe – Carrot Halwa Recipe

Quick and easy steps that will help you to make Gazar ka halwa / Carrot Halwa in your home, the Gazar ka halwa Recipe is a heavy diet which contain very high amount of Vitamin A, good for your eyes and health.

Ingredients required
carrot 250 – gms
pure ghee 3 – tbsp
sugar 3 – tbsp
cardamom seeds ( powder) ½ – tsp
milk powder 200 – gms
kaju nuts ( lightly crushed ) 1 –tbsp

Preparation / Method
1 . wash and grate the carrots,
2 . take ghee in a heavy saucepan over medium heat, add grated carrot and kajunuts, mix well, cook it for two minutes now add sugar, lower heat(minimum) , fully cover it, cook it for 10 minute, remove from heat, do not open the cover for five minutes.
3 . add milk powder, cardamom seed powder, stir well.
4 . again cook it over medium heat for two minutes and continue mixing at the time of cooking .


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