Gajar / Carrot ki sabji recipe

Gajar and carrot ki sabi at Indain FoodCarrot / Gazar is excellent source of vitamin A (good for eye), a good source of potassium, and contain vitamins C & B6, copper, folic acid,thiamine and magnesium. Learn how to make Carrot / Gajar Ki Sabji and keep your family fit and fine.

Ingredients Required

gajar and onion

carrot 250 – gms ( small pieces or chopped ) as shown above
onion 50 – gms ( small pieces or chopped ) as shown above

gajar ki sabji masala
garlic 10 flakes sliced as shown above
ginger one inch piece sliced as shown above
red chillies -2 sliced
sugar 1 – tsp
salt ½ tsp
sarson dana ¼ tsp
hing ¼ tsp
mustard oil ½ – tbsp
lemon juice 1 – tsp

1 . use heavy pan over medium heat, put sarson dana for one minute add hing garlic,ginger, red chilles rost for one minute, add onion fry till light brown,lower heat( minimum,use small burner)
2 . add carrot,salt,sugar,lemon juice stir well, cover fully, cook for seven minutes in light flame. Now open it and the sabji is ready.

gajar ki sabji cooked


eleven − 10 =