Gajar Barfi


500 gms – carrot(washed,grated)

100 gms – ghee

100 gms -  sugar

100 gms – condensed milk

250 gms – milk powder

1/2 tsp – cardamom powder

50 gms – almonds(sliced)

20 gms – pistachios(thickly chopped)


Heat ghee in a deep and heavy pan on medium flame,add grated carrot,mix well,add sugar,lower the flame,again mix,cover it by a thick plate,let it cook as it is for 5-7 minutes.Open the cover, add condensed milk and milk powder,medium the flame,stir well so that no lumps occur,cook with continuous stir on medium flame till the ghee separates and paste leaves the wall of the pan,it will take 10-15 minutes.Off the flame.Pour it into a greased tray, level it with a greased knife.Garnish it with sliced almonds and chopped pistachios,Cool it,cut it into desired shapes.May use for 3 days.


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