Dalcha Recipe

onion ,
gram masala,
bay leaf ,
mint ,
ginger garlic paste,
chill powder,
tamarind juice ,
oil, moondal

1) Moon dal (1 tb) should be fried firstly until brown colour under medium flame and to it 2 glasses of water should be added . Then it should be allowed to boil in a cooker upto 3 whistles .
2) In a bowl oil should be added (2 tsp) .Added bay leaf , cardimum, clove, sagera, cardamum . Allow it to becme brown . Then add onion (1) ,green chilles(2), coriandrum, then chill podwer (1tsp) , tomatoes (2), allow to fry for abt 2-3 min in oil . Then add chill powder (1tsp) , ginger garlic paste (1tsp) , Added tamarind water allow it to boil so that tamrind smell will get evapourated . Now add above boiled dal , and coriandrum , curry leafs , mint . now allow it to boil for 2 min . Then add gram masala powder finally . Nw serve it with rice any rice even with briyani , pulava { all this process should be done in medium flame }

Dalcha Recipe contributed by shiva kumar


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