Dahi Baray Recipe

Spicy Dahi Baray RecipeDahi Baray is fav spicy food for all festival, Holi, Diwali Christmas or Ramazaan we make Dahi Baray to enjoy the test of spicy festive season.

yoghurt (dahi – दही) ½ -kg
Urad dal (Dhuli) (Vigna mungo) 250 – gms
mustard oil 200 –gms
ginger ½ – inch (small piece)
garlic 5 – flakes
green chilies 2
sugar 1- tsp
salt 1 – tsp
chat masala
Zeera(Cumin) powder 1 – tsp ( light roasted )
Red chili powder
Black salt ½ -tsp
Salt ½ -tsp


1 . Soak urad dal over night ,
2 . Grind the soaked urad with ginger, green chilies, garlic, one tsp common salt(as to taste) , Make a fine paste using minimum quantity of water as required, Now keep the thick paste/ Mixture for three hours in a room temperature.
3 .Now take the mixture, heat mustard oil in a frying pan, and fry them in small pieces as shown below.

Dahi Baray
4 . Put the fried baras in hot water for one minute, take it out, after cooling remove extra water from baras by pressing lightly with hands, Now put in a plate.
5. Mix the dahi well and add one tsp each of salt, sugar, pour over the baras.
6 . Finally mix ingredients of chat masala, sprinkle it on baras.
7 . add extra salt, lalmirch as to test.

Dahi Baray Recipe


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