Crostini – Italian Starter – Toasted Bread With Vegetable Topping

– French Loaf
– Red Bell Pepper
– Yellow Bell Pepper
– Green Bell Pepper
– Sliced Baby Corn
– Tomato Ketchup
– Pizza Seasoning
– Chopped Parsley
– Garlic Paste
– Salt To Taste
– Mozzarella Cubes
– Dry Oregano
– 1&1/2 tbsp Butter
– Olive Oil
– Pepper

– Cut the French Loafs into thin Slices
– Take Butter, Dry Oregano (Hand Crushed), Garlic Paste, fresh Parsley in a Bowl and mix well
– Apply this Butter mixture evenly on the Loafs on both the sides.
– On a baking tray wrapped in Aluminium Foil, Put these Bread Loafs and put it in the Oven (Bake this Slices at 180 Degree Celsius for 5 mins)
– Meanwhile, In a frying Pan put some Olive Oil
– Add Garlic Paste (1/4 Tsp), Bell Peppers, Baby Corns, Fresh Parsley, Pizza Seasoning, Dry Oregano, Tomato Ketchup, Grated Black Pepper and fry them for a few minutes. Turn off the Flame
– Let the Topping cool a little and salt to taste
– Take out the Bread Loafs from the oven
– Top the Bread Slices with the Vegetables
– Lastly top it up with Mozzarella cubes and sprinkle pizza seasoning on the chesse cubes
– Put the Bread Slices back in oven for 5 – 6 Minutes and bake it till the cheese cubes belts
– the Dish is ready to be Served hot


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