Chocolate, orange and pineapple juice Recipe

Chocolate, orange and pineapple juice Recipe

image via flickr- image credit belongs to James Coverdale

Introduction: The incredible amount of goodness found in the combination of fresh banana, orange, pineapple and live yogurt more than quash any negative effect the chocolate may have, and if it’s the only way the little chaps will consume fruit then it’s all for the greater good.


1 Orange (peeled, but leaves on the white pith)

1 inch thick slice of a medium pineapple

4 pieces organic chocolate (use fairtrade, above 80 per cent cocoa solids)

1/2 banana (fairtrade if possible)

3 tablespoons low-fat live yogurt


Method: Juice the orange and pineapple. Grate chocolate into the blender (mind your fingers!) and add banana, yogurt, juice and ice. Blend everything until smooth-soooooooooooooo tasty!


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