Chocolate Fantasy Recipe

I m Roohi khan fram Surat gujrat….i luv cooking…
Chocolate Fantasy Recipe is dessert recipe…in our home evryone love this dessert…. & need only 30 mins to cook….

1/2 ltr milk, 1 cup Sugar,
2 tbsp cornflour,
2 tbsp coco powder,
1 choclate sponge cake,
1 dairymilk choclate,
1 cup water, 200gm cream,
1 cup hershey’s choclate syrup,
1 cup choco nuts,
5-6 tin cherrys.

in a nonstick pan pour milk & sugar when it starts boiling add cornflour & coco powder mixed in water & cook for sometimewhen it becomes thick remove from gas. Now in a serving glass take wine glasses in the bottom put choclate cake slice then on the cake put dairymilk choclate pieces & then pour this hot choclate mixture on choclate & on the top pour cream decorate with choclate syrup choco nuts & in the middle put 1 cherry. so here’s ur Choclate fantasy is ready to eat.
i hope u will like it

Chocolate Fantasy Recipe by Roohi khan fram Surat gujrat


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