Chena ka Rasgulla Recipe

Chena ka Rasgulla is very healthy sweet dish, learn easily how to make Chena ka Rasgulla at your home.


2-litre milk

250 Gms sugar

A small piece of alum (phitkari) or 2-tbsp lemon juice

Water as required

Method 1 (Method 1 – to make chena)


Prepare alum solution in one cup of hot water (instead of alum solution you may use lemon juice). Set aside.

Boil milk, add half of the alum solution, boil for 1 minute, if chenna (pannier) separates off the flame  if not add 1 tsp of alum solution in boiling milk, continue so on until chhena separates, remove milk whey, sieve the chenna with a cloth, slightly squeeze the chenna so that almost all the milk whey is removed,  put it in 2-liters of cold water and gently wash the chenna, again sieve the chenna and put it again in 2-liters of cold water and repeat the process. Chenna so obtained is hanged with a cloth for three hours so that extra water goes out. ((Do not squeeze tightly or exert high pressure to remove extra water))

Method 2 (Method 2 -to make Rasgulla )

Rasgulla method

Kneed the chenna gently for 5-7 minutes to get soft dough, divide it into 12-14 equal parts, roll each part into a ball, there must be no crakes on the surface of the balls.

Boil one liter of water on medium flame, add sugar cook for 3 minutes, add slowly chenna balls in boiling syrup, cook for 20 minutes. Off the flame.

Rasgulla is ready.

chena rasgulla indian food


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