chatpata sandwiches

Preparation Time : 20
Cooking Time : 15
Serves / Makes : 2 – 3


wheat bread-10 slices
200gm – cheese cube
green coriander leaves-1 cup
pudina-20 leaves
garlic-2 cloves
green chillies- 2  chopped
raw peanuts-1 small cup
ginger-1 small piece onion-1 small cup chopped

green chillies-4
salt-to taste
butter-1 small cup
cabbage-1 small cup –  finely grated
carrot-1 small cup – finely chopped

Preparation Method
Cut all the bread slices in shape of a Square
Grate the cheese and mix some of the coriander leaves and green chillies and little salt to taste
Put some oil in the pan and fry the cabbages and carrots in it. Let is cool for sometime. Then add this to the mixture of cheese and coriander.
Prepare a green chatni or you can use sauce to cut time.

Put some butter on hot pan n’ toast the wheat breads on both the sides.
Apply chatni or sauce on both the sides of the white breads.
Place a wheat bread and on that a thick layer of cheese, cabbage, carrot, etc…the whole mixture.
Place that white bread with green chatni on both sides on it.
Add the mixture of cheese on it and cover it with a fine layer of chopped onions.
Cover with the slice of wheat bread.
Repeat this, to make  to make all sandwiches.


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