Bread Pizza

Preparation Time : 20 minuts
Cooking Time : 15 minuts
Serves / Makes : 4 person

12Slice of White Bread
2 big size onion
5 big size capsicum
4 tomatos
1 spring onion
corriander leaves
white cream Alias Malai
2 or 3 green chllie
salt to taste

Firstly chopped all given vegetables in a very little small pieces.
Mix all of them in a pan then ,add cream(malai),add salt to taste. Mix it well so it will be like little bit thiicker pastry.
now,cut the slice of bread in triangle shape,then stick (put) the mixture on the bread and make a thin layer.
Heat nonstick flat pan on the gas by adding 2 to 3 tb.spoon of oil with medium temperature and shallow fry the bread first on the side of the mixture and then turn to next side.fry it till goldon brown colour.
serve with chutney or sauce.


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