Bhang ki Patti ka Peda

Bhang ki patti ka peda

Know how to make traditional Bhang ki Patti ka Peda in Holi festival, learn easily and enjoy the festival of colors.


Bhang 50-gms

Milk powder 500 – Gms

Pure ghee 150 -Gms

Cardamom powder ½ – tsp

Sugar 100 gm


The first step is to Wash bhang leaves with water, remove water.
Bhang Recipe
Heat ghee in a heavy pan, lower heat, add washed bhang leaves, and fry it for 10 minutes on low flame, color of the leaf changes from green to dark green,

Bhang on strainer

separate ghee and leaf with the help of strainer, set fried leaves aside.

In remaining hot ghee add 250 – gm of milk powder, mix well, cook on medium flame, and add two tbsp of water, stir well continually, now add remaining milk powder, sugar, cardamom powder and bhang leaf’s powder. Maintain heat lower, stir continuously, cook for ten minutes, if necessary add one or two tbsp of water, it will take the form of dough. Off flame.

Bhang ka peda

After ten minutes, divide dough in to small balls, slightly flatten, and make a light thumb expression. Cool it.


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