Besan ki Burfi Recipe

Besan ki Burfi

Learn easily and quickly how to make besan ki burfi at your home.

Ingredients required

250 Gms Gramm flour

100  Gms ghee (clear unsalted butter)

250 Gms sugar

1 cup water

½ tsp cardamom powder

50 Gms cashew nuts (crushed)

50 Gms raisins (kismis)


Heat pure ghee in a heavy bottomed frying pan on medium flame, add cashew nuts, fry until light brown it takes approximately 1 minute, remove fried cashew nuts, set aside, now add raisins, fry it till it swallow up like grapes, as it swallows take it out, set aside.

Now on the same frying pan (ghee in a heavy bottomed frying pan) on medium flame add gram flour, stir vigorously, cook until it becomes light brown, add sugar and water, stir continuously, cook until halwa separates from the frying pan, finally add crushed and fried cashew nuts and raisins (kismis), stir continuously the whole mixture until all the mixture is mixed properly.

Grease a big tray (metal) using few drops of ghee.

Spread the hot thick and sticky mixture on the tray. Cool it and cut them in shape of Burfi.

The Besan ki Burfi in now ready.

Besan ki Burfi Holi Special


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