Besan Ki Barfi

Besan ki burfi indian foodLearn how to make Besan Ki Barfi at your home, the overall process look easy but you have to follow them carefully to get desired result.


250 – Gms soojee chana dal ki

250 – Gms milk powder

200 – Gms pure ghee

200 – Gms sugar

7 – Tbsp water

Heat ghee in heavy bottomed pan (kadhai), add soojee, medium flame, stir continuously, cook for 5 minutes, it becomes fluffy add milk powder gradually, and mix well, lower the flame, stir until mixture becomes uniform, it takes 2 – 3 minutes off the flame. Remove the mixture in a tray.

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Now heat water in the pan add sugar, cook it for 2 minutes, add the mixture, lower the flame, stir continuosly, cook it 8-10 minutes, remove this hot mixture on a greased tray, cool it naturally.

Cut Barfi in to desired shape.

Sweet is ready.


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