Besan Ka Laddu Recipe

250 Gms besan (Bengal gram flour)
200 Gms ghee
100 Gms pista
150 Gms sugar
½ tsp elaichi powder
Heat ghee in a thick bottomed pan on medium flame, add pista, and fry until color changes to light brown (it takes 1-2 minutes), take it out. Add besan to remaining hot ghee, stir continuously, after 4-5 minutes color changes and a sweet aroma comes. Off the flame.
Grind sugar together with pista and elaichi to a smooth powder, mix it with roasted besan, and cool it. Make golf ball size Laddu. Put these on a tray and store it in cool place.
Note-if required use more sugar powder to preserve the shape.
Besan Ke Laddoo


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