Balushahi Recipe

Make Balushahi in your home.

1. 6 cups Maida
2. 8 cups Sugar
3. 3 cups Water
4. 1 tsp Soda (bicarbonate)
5. 1/2 cup Pistachios
6. Ghee for frying
7. 2/3 cup Ghee (for adding in maida to make dough)

How to make Balushahi:
1.Mix maida, soda, and 2/3 cup ghee to make stiff dough.
2.Roll out small balls from this dough.
3.Heat ghee and fry these balls till it turns brown.
4.Prepare sugar syrup of two thread consistency.
5.Dip fried balls in sugar syrup.
6.Drain the excess syrup.
7.Adorn with pistachios.
8.Balushahi is ready.


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