Apple, lemon, and ginger Juice Recipe

Apple, lemon, and ginger Juice Recipe

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Introduction: However, the good news is that a study published in the Lancet magazine established that 93 per cent of long- term sufferers can obtain relief by eliminating certain offending foods; most common of these are cheese, chocolate, red wine, Wheat, corn, eggs, milk, shellfish, citrus, coffee and tomatoes. If you eliminate those foods and get this juice down you a few times a week, all should be well.


2 apples (Golden Delicious or Royal Gala)

1 large hand full spinach

1 inch stem broccoli

1 inch slice cucumber

1 inch slice lemon

1/2 inch fresh ginger


Method: Place one apple in your whole  fruit juicer and pack in the spinach. Then add the cucumber, lemon, ginger and broccoli and top with the last apple. juice the lot and pour into the glass over ice.  

Juices Content following vitamins: Vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium, pectin, boron, ellagic acid, carotenes, folic acid, iron, chlorophll, magnesium, natural, sugars, amino acids and anti-oxidants.


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