Apple Crumble Recipe

Make Apple Crumble at your home with this quick and easy recipe.

Ingredients require for the Apple Crumble Recipe
1lt condensed milk
4 apples
50 gms butter

for crumble:
150 gms plain flour (maida)
75 gms butter

First step is to preheat oven to 160deg c, Now you have to mix the butter and milkmaid together and heat for 4 to 5 mins, keep aside to cool. Now Peel and slice apples and in an ovenproof dish, place the apple slices in layers. Now Press lightly while putting apple slices and pour the cooled milkmaid mixture over it and spread evenly. Finally Mix the maida and butter to a crumbly texture and top the apples with the crumble. Bake at 160 deg c for25 to 30mins in a preheated oven.


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