Alu Bokhara ki Chutney Recipe

Alu Bokhara ki Chutney Recipe is awesome in its own way, give a try you and will get grate taste at home.

Preparation Time and Cooking Time: approx 30 min

For 4 servings


10 medium sized Alu Bokhara
7 dates – khaju
1 tsp cumin seeds – jeera
large lemon
salt to taste
2/3 tsp black salt – sanchal
1/2 tsp chilli powder

Wash, peel, remove stones and cut plums (Alu Bokhara) roughly after that wash and de-stone dates (khaju). chop roughly.
Roast cumin seeds and powder them. grate jaggery, and now heat a thick-bottomed pan and pour plum puree in it.
When it comes to a boil add salt, jaggery, rock salt, red chilli powder and stir well.
Simmer on medium heat for ten minutes or till it thickens and add cumin powder. stir and let it simmer further for two to three minutes. At last mix in dates and cook for two more minutes stirring continuously. remove from heat, cool thoroughly and store in a sterilized, airtight glass jar.


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