Almond cookies Recipe

refined flour-250gm
cream-3/4 tablespoon
baking powder-1/2 tablespoon
almond essence-1/2 tablespoon
temperature-190 degree celcius
time to cook- 25 to 30 minutes

mix refined flour and baking powder. in a seperate bowl stir dalda for half hour for creaming then add to it sugar and almond essence and mix with soft hands. add crushed almonds to it and already mixed refined flour and baking powder and dough it. add cream and prepare a soft dough. make round shaped cookies out of this dough. preheat oven and place the cookies in oven for 25 to 30 minutes at the temperature of 190 degree celcius. almond cookies are ready serve when cooled down.

about the recipe:
almond cookies can also be made in chocolate flavour by mixing chocolate powder in the will surely like them. even they are a perfect snack for all.they are very crisp and crunchy.


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