Urad Dal ki Kachori Recipe

Urad Dal ki Kachori RecipeUrad dal ki kachori popluar Indian Vegetarian Recipe, learn easily how to make kkasta kachori at your home,

For 6 persons


250 Gms urad dal

500 Gms refined oil

5tbsp mustard oil

500gms Maida

10 flakes garlic

2 green chilies

Saunf (aniseed)  1/2 – tsp

1tsp salt (as to test)


Soak urad dal

Soak urad dal over night.


Next day drain out water. Remove extra water present in soaked dal. Grind soaked dal, ginger, garlic, chilies to a rough paste.

Urad dal  in frying pan

Heat mustard oil in a heavy bottomed frying pan, add aniseeds, fry it for one minute, add paste and 1tsp salt, fry it on low flame until oil separates and it becomes dark brown. Off the flame. Cool it naturally.

prep Urad dal and Maida

Mix Maida, ½ tsp salt, and 100 Gms refined oil, and a little amount of water, knead well to get soft dough. Divide the dough in 20-25 equal parts approximately; roll each part of the dough into balls with the help of palms.

frying Urad dal ki kachori

Roll a ball to get a circle of 3-4 inch diameter. Put 2tsp of roasted dal mixture in the center. Cover this mixture tightly by the dough. Form the shape of ball again. Press slightly to get oval shape. Put it on frying pan on medium flame. Cook using refined oil so that it becomes brown. Kachori is ready.

Serve hot with aloodum or desired sauce.

Urad dal ki kachori Recipe


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