The Indian Food Top-Chef Challenge 2014

The Indian Food Top-Chef Challenge 2014 0

  The Indian Food Top-Chef Challenge 2014 is now started , please join Indian Food website here, If you are already a member then log-in via right side bar widget. Anyone can Participate in the contest, the winner of the contest will get a many prizes, the Contest is free to enter and your can(…)


Mango and orange Juice Recipe

Mango and orange Juice Recipe 0

Introduction: Picture lying down on a white sandy beach,the sun beating down, and sipping an ice-cold creamy fruit cocktail. if you close your eyes when drinking this divine smoothie, it is possible to forget where you are transport yourself for a few minutes. Ingredients: 1 Mango (de-stoned) 1 Orange (peeled but with pith on) 1(…)


Cucumber, apple and Lemon Juice Recipe

Cucumber, apple and Lemon Juice Recipe 0

Introduction: It is one of the most popular juice in juice Master Juice ‘n’ Smoothie bars up and down the country, and is the ‘thick’ version, if you will of the juice Master’s Sports Hydro Juice. It is also one of the easiest juices to make. Ingredients:  1/4 cucumber 1 stick celery 2 apple (Golden(…)


Cucumber and apple Juice Recipe

Cucumber and apple Juice Recipe 0

Introduction: This specially formulated juice not only meets your water needs, but it also supplies your system with vital natural sugars and minerals which are lost during exercise. Ingredients:  1/4 cucumber 1/4 stick celery 1/2 apple (Golden Delicious or Royal Gala are best) 1 slice lemon (with rind on-if unwaxed) 1/2 litre mineral water Method: Simply(…)


Creamy Banana Juice Recipe

Creamy Banana Juice Recipe 0

Introduction: It appears to be perfectly OK to down a few red bulls before a competition, but take an illegal an illegal drug to help ‘give you wings’ and you are banned for life. Anyway, whether legal or not, natural is always best when it comes to performance enhancing and this excellent smoothie has been designed(…)


Pineapple and apple Juice Recipe

Pineapple and apple Juice Recipe 0

Introduction: The vegan protein power smoothie contains all of the essential amino acids (the building blocks for protein) required to build muscle. Not only that, as with all the recipes in the book it tastes pretty damn good too. Ingredients:  1/4 small pineapple 2 apples (Golden Delicious or Royal Gala for preference) 1/2 ripe avocado (de-stoned(…)


Health booster Juice Recipe

Health booster Juice Recipe 0

Introduction: All of the ingredients help to cleanse thge system, feed the cells and boost the immune system. As beauty and health come from within, the liquid sunshine will have you looking good, feeling good in no time at all. Ingredients:  1 inch slice pineapple 1 apple (Royal Gala or Golden Delicious are best) 1 inch(…)